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About the Course

this 20 hrs - 4 days course will introduce trainees to many methodologies how to remove wastes and increase efficiency in Business utilizing a blend of tools of many Modern management arts; Lean, Six Sigma, TPS…etc.

Who Should Attend

Business owners, Sales & Marketing team & managers of small & Mid-size organizations in addition t future sales & Marketing managers seeking higher efficiency in their endeavors.

Instructor’s Profile

20+ years in corporate management Training & Solutions, in tens of countries, on C-Suite & other management Levels.
Instructor holds many certifications like; PMP, Lean Management, Black Belt Six Sigma, Marketing Management Diploma, Engineering Degrees, ISO Training, TPS Trainer, ITIL & More!


a blend of many Modern management arts; Lean, Six Sigma, TPS…etc. in Addition to many case studies & 20+ years of instructor's experience in the field.


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We strongly believe that delivering knowledge to others is a combination of cause and art. In addition, it is the gate of better living to humankind at large.

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