Assessment and Development of Unconventional reservoirs

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About the Course

Recent years have seen unprecedented growth in oil and gas production in USA, all due to superflux of activities related to unconventional reservoirs. It is believed that the future of petroleum resources lies within unconventional reservoirs. The potential of unconventional reserves is far greater than any enhanced oil recovery scheme designed to-date. The purpose of this course is to provide one with practical insights and tools that can be used to efficiently identify, appraise, and develop these types of reservoirs. Initially, the participants will be familiarized with both engineering of oil and gas. Presented are the origin and mechanisms of gas production, along with the various techniques used to analyze reservoir parameters and performance, and understand how these have been applied to numerous projects. Specific features of unconventional gas reserves and the means of capitalizing on these features in order to maximize long-term benefit are discussed. Scientific characterization of gas reserves included discussion of the history of oil and gas as well as the rock. Thorough geological characterization is presented for USA reservoirs in order to connect with potential sources of unconventional gas. This serves as a template for a new analysis that starts off with conventional reservoir characterization. It is shown that the true reserve potential of oil and gas is much higher than the one estimated using conventional approach. Latest information on emerging technologies in typical enhanced oil recovery is presented with lucid discussion of key features of reservoir characterization and development in order to help participants identify techniques that can be used in ‘enhanced oil and gas recovery’ of unconventional reserve. It is shown that contrary to popular belief, such techniques are economically attractive and environmentally sustainable. This unlocking of emerging technologies, coupled with a novel technique for characterization of unconventional reserves for which conventional techniques fail to yield sound results, creates a true paradigm shift in petroleum reservoir analysis.

Who Should Attend

Managers, policy makers, engineers, scientists, Geologists, involved in the petroleum industry.


1. Petroleum Reserve potential of the world
2. Unique features of unconventional oil and gas
3. True reserve potentials of unconventional oil and gas
4. Scientific characterization of unconventional reservoirs
5. Screening criteria for unconventional reservoirs
6. Reserve estimates and performance prediction of unconventional reservoirs
7. The economics of unconventional oil and gas
8. Future energy outlook with unconventional oil and gas


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