Integrated Reservoir Management of Complex and Unconventional Petroleum Formations

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About the Course

Crude oil is the most important driving force in the world economy today. Even though, crude oil is abundantly available in nature, most of the reserve resides in complex formations. The proven reserve increases drastically if one accesses more complex reservoirs. The complexity arises from reservoir rock as well as fluid properties. It is known that only 20 to 50% of the original oil in place can be produced using primary and secondary recovery schemes. Enhanced oil recovery can increase this recovery factor significantly. However, such improvement can only come after proper reservoir characterization that can increase the original estimate of reserve and form a sound basis for reservoir development. This course is aimed at developing a fully integrated management scheme that is specially applicable to complex reservoirs.

Who Should Attend

Area managers, site managers, environmental professionals, safety officials, Engineers, scientists, Geologists, involved in the petroleum industry.


1. Introduction to naturally fractured reservoirs, complex fluid behavior, and reservoir characterization
2. Introduction to Reserve estimation techniques and conventional economical assessment
3. Dimensionless numbers, need and limitations thereof
4. Classification of fractures based on origin and digenetic history
5. Interpretation of core data for prevalently fractured formations
6. Techniques for incorporating core data with well test data to develop a composite model
7. Dual- and triple-porosity models
8. Integrated filtering of data
9. Effect of reservoir complexity on governing fluid flow equations
10. Practical techniques for incorporating fractures in a reservoir simulator
11. Role of fluid history on alteration of rock properties
12. Trapping phenomena in conventional and unconventional reservoirs
13. Reservoirs with high pressure and temperature
14. Flow instability and instability number
15. Economic considerations


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