Characterization, Evaluation and Enhanced Oil Recovery in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

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About the Course

o Crude oil is the most important driving force in the world economy today. Even though, crude oil is abundantly available in nature, only 20 to 50% of the original reserve can be produced using primary and secondary recovery schemes. Hence, attention is being paid to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques for recovering more oil from the existing oilfields. The worldwide target for EOR is estimated to be two trillion barrels. With increasing awareness of the need for environmentally acceptable energy-related projects calls for innovations that will fulfill the economic needs of the 21st century while meeting the environmental challenges. Many of the conventional enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques have become unattractive due to complex reservoir conditions that are not amenable to conventional techniques. Ironically, these formations offer highest of potential benefits. In this course, reservoir characterization of these formations, particularly with focus on naturally fractured systems will be presented.
o Screening criteria for various EOR operations will be presented, with focus on flow instability caused by a naturally fractured system. It is known that flow instability can render an otherwise high productivity reservoir into an economic disaster due to early breakthrough.
o Distinctive features of gas injection as compared to fluid injection will be discussed. Studies will be presented for some of the most promising EOR technologies in chemical, thermal and miscible flooding schemes that meet the technical, economic and environmental challenges. Enough fundamentals will be provided so the participant can understand the reasons behind both successful and failed field trials.
o The use of horizontal wells in order to improve effectiveness of various EOR schemes will be presented. Distinctive features of horizontal well with respect to miscibility and flow stability will be discussed.
o Some of the relevant scaling criteria and numerical simulation results will be discussed in order to familiarize participants with the difficulties of scaling up laboratory results before planning a field application.
o Discussion will be carried out on how to render an EOR scheme environment-friendly, while meeting the economic and technical constraints.
o Several case studies will be discussed in order to consolidate the protocols of a typical EOR operation in a naturally fractured formation.

Who Should Attend

Chemical engineers/Chemists, Petroleum engineers/Geologists, Geological engineers, Reservoir engineers/Modelers, Area managers, site managers, Policy makers involved in petroleum operations


1. Introduction and overview of oil and gas production and need for EOR
2. Introduction to naturally fractured reservoirs, EOR and reservoir characterization
3. Special features fractured formation
4. Oil entrapment, mobilization, wettability and capillary pressure
5. Dimensionless numbers, need and limitations thereof
6. Flow mechanism under fractured conditions
7. Interpretation of core data for prevalently fractured formations
8. Techniques for incorporating core data with well test data to develop a composite model
9. Dual- and triple-porosity models
10. Integrated filtering of data
11. Effect of reservoir complexity on governing fluid flow equations
12. Practical techniques for incorporating fractures in a reservoir simulator
13. Reservoir model preparation for a fractured formation
14. Natural drives
15. Water flood
16. Chemical flood
17. Thermal EOR
18. Miscibility and role of fractures
19. Gas injection and role of composition
20. Complexities due to fractures and loss of miscibility
21. Flow instability and instability number
22. Environmental, technical and economic sustainability
23. Screening of EOR candidates with natural fractures
24. Weyburn-Midale CO2 project
25. Optimization of EOR: A combined flow chart


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