Corrosion inhibition in the petroleum industry

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About the Course

More than 10% of petroleum industry’s operating budget is spent on corrosion mitigation. Corrosion is the most draining phenomenon in petroleum structures, ranging from subsurface completion to pipelines. This course familiarizes participants with the nature of corrosion problems encountered in the petroleum industry and the techniques that can minimize the problem. Various corrosion detection techniques and mitigation rules are discussed. The course discusses latest developments in simple terms and offers practical guidelines to various corrosion fighting measures, including conventional techniques. A guideline is provided with case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the corrosion mitigation plan.

Who Should Attend

Engineers, scientists, environmental and safety officials, managers, policy makers


1. Overview of corrosion in the petroleum industry
2. Various types of corrosion
3. Sources of corrosion
4. Downhole corrosion
5. Pipeline corrosion
6. Microbially induced corrosion
7. Cathodic protection
8. Corrosion inhibitors
9. Sustainable mitigation


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