Science of Energy pricing

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About the Course

The information age has created numerous opportunities in the global energy sector. However, without understanding of the science behind governing principles of energy outlook, it is impossible to capitalize on the bounties of the Information age. This advanced level course prepares one to design a strategy that is fit for the information age that demands simultaneous depth and width on every aspect of globalization. A new synthesis is introduced and case studies presented that show how a paradigm shift can take place with proper understanding of the energy market.

Who Should Attend

Executive MBA candidates, managers, policy makers, Economists, technocrats with interest in administration and policy making


1. Summary of current energy pricing models
2. Deconstruction of emerging economic models
3. Most important features of the Information age
4. Aphenomenal energy pricing
5. Risk Assessment and management of Aphenomenal energy pricing
6. Deconstruction of Newton’s Mechanism and Einstein’s relativity
7. The Nature science approach
8. ‘Peak oil’ and ‘carbon tax’
9. Case studies with offshore applications


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