Science-based Information, Intelligence and Knowledge gathering

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About the Course

This course is aimed at informing business executives, policy makers, trainers, and educators about the science of information, intelligence, and knowledge. Participants will be made familiar with existing models that find their roots in Medieval age. Systematic analysis shows how the ancient dogma models have metamorphosed into pragmatic models through a series of transformations, through imposition of false premises. It is shown that all modern cognition models in science, social science, economics, and theology have similar aphenomenal first premises. In this analysis, major ism’s and dogmas in Socio-political systems are considered. In science, Newtonianism, Darwinism, Calvinism, and Einsteinism are reviewed and deconstructed. First premises of all these theories are evaluated and their fallacious nature disclosed. Then presented a truly scientific cognition model that allows one to discern between true cognition and fallacious cognition. Through use of this knowledge-model, one can see clearly the disconnection of previously used models. It helps explain how all promises of Modern age have failed spectacularly and what should be done to prevent such decline. It is shown that the change in first premise leads to reversal of outcome. Then, the course discusses how the knowledge-model can be used to bring back the old principle of ‘doing good is good business’.

Who Should Attend

Executive MBA candidates, managers, policy makers, Economists, technocrats with interest in administration and policy making, engineers, scientists, social workers, psychologists, researchers, involved with data collection and interpretation.


1. Delinearized history of education and knowledge gathering
2. The Aphenomenal model
3. First premises of existing models
4. Deconstruction of ism’s and dogmas
5. Outcome of false premises
6. The knowledge model
7. Outlook with the knowledge model


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