Science of Economics in the Information Age

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About the Course

Economics as a science in the “Western”, i.e., European, canons of knowledge originates in the Greek word and conception of oikonomeia, or “household”. It had to do with organization of the highest and best uses of the resources available to the household for meeting the needs of its members. This sense is retained most fully today in the Russian term хозяаиcтвo (“khozyaistvo”), which means “economics” and “household” (depending on context), and such Soviet-era neologisms as кoлхоз (“kolkhoz”), short for кoллeктивнoe хозяаиcтвo (“kollektivnoye khozyaistvo” or “collective farm”, i.e., collective household economic unit). In Arabic, the word is Iktisad that has the root ‘qsd’, which means dynamic intention, as related to dynamic optimization. Any US-type economic system – the model touted globally in our day as the only sustainable system – has transformed the grammar and meaning of the word “economy” in the English language with their discourse about “growing the economy”, which is best done through wasteful means (Khan and Islam, 2012). This reversal of theme has become synonymous with modern civilization. This course brings back the original science of economics and prepares participants with the ability to formulate economic projects that are true to the original meaning of the word. It shows how information age is best fit for true economic systems and it can avoid having the type of economic crises that have become common events of today.

Who Should Attend

Executive MBA candidates, managers, policy makers, Economists, technocrats with interest in administration and policy making, engineers, scientists, social workers, psychologists, researchers, involved with economic development projects.


1. Delinearized history of social structure and economy
2. The Aphenomenal model
3. Role of Intention on social change
4. Intention-based economy vs. interest-based economy
5. Deconstruction of Stiglitz and Krugman models
6. The knowledge model for the Information Age
7. The new synthesis


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